Library Reopening FAQ

What is RML doing to keep staff and the public safe?
Read our Health and Safety Statement to learn the measures being taken for cleanliness, social distancing, and what we advise you to do when you come inside.

What are your open hours?
We are open for our normal hours: M-Th 9am-9pm, Friday 9am-6pm, Saturday 9am-5pm and Sunday 1-5pm



Where do I return materials?
Materials must be returned either at the drive-thru bookdrop or the lobby bookdrop. Staff cannot accept returns. We will continue all returns through the bookdrops for the forseeable future, based on government and health official's guidance.

How do I return materials like cake pans, that won't fit in the bookdrop?
You may return oversized items through the drive thru window. Our staff will help you with contactless return.

Will my library items be overdue because the library was closed?
All fines have been suspended during the pandemic, however, we ask that you respect the due dates so that others can use materials.

Can I pick out my own books and movies inside?
Only the new materials are open to browse at this point. Our staff will retrieve any other materials from the collections for you.

How do I place holds?
You can use the online catalog (here is a helpful instructional video) or call our reference department (330-296-2827 ext. 200)

Do you still offer curbside pickup?
Yes. Curbside pickup will continue for the forseeable future.

I returned items in the bookdrop but my account shows they are still checked out?
All items returned are immediately quarantined for 72 hours. Once the quarantine is over, they are then checked back in and will be gone from your account. No fines will be charged during the quarantine period.



Can I use a computer?
Yes, you may have one 1-hour session per day. Only 11 public computers are accessible, most are first-come, first served.



Which services are not returning right away?
All library in-person events, play areas, meeting rooms, and Friends of the Library bookshop and book sales are suspended until further notice. 

Can I bring in my used book donations?
No, not at this time. All Friends of RML activities are suspended until further notice. Our Friends are staying home and staying healthy.



I need Reference Help but don’t want to come to the library, what are my options?
Talk to library staff during open hours by phone or chat. You may also email questions to

Can I get help from a librarian inside the building?
Yes, our staff is available for questions and reference help. It might be a little different with face masks, from 6-feet away and/or behind plexiglass, but we're glad to help.



Are you cleaning every returned item?
All items returned are immediately quarantined for 72 hours, as recommended by the CDC.  We are unable to comprehensively sanitize every single item that is touched now that the building is open. Customers are advised to wash their hands after handling materials and avoid touching their faces. If you want to clean items, please lightly wipe only non-porous book covers and dvd cases with rubbing alcohol (not disinfectant wipes). 


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