Raven Hall of Fame

Ravens LogoThe Raven Hall of Fame was established to recognize former students, staff and community members who have made notable contributions to schools, community, or society.  To be considered for nomination, the individual must exhibit exemplary citizenship; have graduated from Ravenna High School at least 10 years prior to induction; and been nominated by Ravenna citizens, faculty, students or graduates. Unless voted otherwise, there will be no more than three inductees in each category each year of induction and no more than ten inductees in any year of induction.   Except for the Special Honorary Category, inductees must be a graduate of Ravenna Township High School or Ravenna High School.  If nominated from the current Ravenna School System staff, the individual must have ten or more years in the system.

Categories for induction are:

  • academic/career accomplishments
  • athletic accomplishments
  • cultural/performing arts
  • major contributions to the Ravenna School District
  • special honorary achievement

 In honor of Ravenna's bicentennial celebration in 1999, there was also a special bicentennial category for historic local residents.


Adams, Amy

Banks, Susan

Bates, Charles

Beardsley, Hortense

Berry, John

Boettner, John

Bookman, Kirk

Bower, Jack

Bower, Ned

Bower, Colonel William M.

Brayton, Isaac

Brett, Regina

Brown, H. Larry

Burton, Colonel  David

Busch,  David D.

Cacioppo, Dr. Anthony Joseph

Canterbury, Dr. James

Caris, Albert L.

Carlin, Grant

Carnes, Thomas J.

Cettomai, Phyllis

Chlysta, Roydon

Cipriano-Silva, Dr. Mary

Coe, Rick

Coll, James L.

Curtiss, Frank Gardner



Daugherty, Steven

Daniels, Kyla Hogan

Davie, Lydia Lord

Davison, John E

Day, Justice William Rufus

DeLeone, Carmon

DiGirolamo, Vincent

Dunlavy, Margaret

Ebbert, Dr. Larry

Fankhauser, Robert "Bob"

Ferrini, Bruce P.

Fesemyer, Arthur

Foley, Carol Davidson

Fosnight, Dale Pennell

Francies, Katherine

Garrick, Tim

Gigger, Elizabeth

Gilcrest, Harry

Giuilitto, Joseph

Gray Sr., Franklin P.

Grooms, Martha Sutton



Hairston Jr., Whitney "Frank" Franklin

Hampton, George

Hartley, Dr. Linda

Hartung, Dean

Heisler, Bruce L.

Heisler Jr.,Robert "Yank"

Hodge, Albert

Holdener, Judy Newhauser

Hutchison, Harry C.

Jenkins, Jane

Jones, Dr. G. Thomas

Jones, Paul H.

Keefer-Wise, Jean

Kent, Judge Robert L.

Kertscher, Richard

King, Dr. Thomas, Ph.D.

Klohn, James A.

Knight Jr., Charles "Oscar"

Kurtz, Jack Burdette

Kyle, Ernestine



Lewis, Lois

Liddell, Deseree Mitchell

Liddell-Opong, Sandra

Lindsey, Robert C. "Turk"

Liston, Sheila

Livingston Jr., Walter

Lohr, Mary Kenward

Long, Ken

Loudin, Frederick

Ludick, Dr. Dixie L. Benshoff

Lynch, Michael P.

Madonio, Charles "Chas"

Mann, Neil, Jr.

Mariana Sr., Tom

Marini, Edwin J.

Marsh, Edith L.

Mastromatteo, Maria

McBee, David H.

McClelland, Judge George

Meduri, Joseph

Mendenhall, Thomas Corwin

Moats, Aaron, O.D.

Montecalvo, Matthew M.

Moskal, Stephanie Fosnight

Mowry, Rev. Ronald A.

Muscaro, Clair

Nething, Harold Martin

Newhauser-Willoughby, Tina

Nottingham, Don "Notts"



Palmstrom, Dr. David S.

Parshall, Andrea Lynn

Pittman, Judge Laurie J.

Polichene, Nunzio "Foot"

Porthouse, Cyril

Powell, Mary Broadbent

Reed, Cornelius A.

Reedy, Stephen

Riddle, Henry Warner

Riddle, Hugh

Riddle, Maxwell

Roberto, Marcus

Robinson, George Foreman

Rock, Judy

Rohrer, Thomas P., Ph.D.

Rudofker, Peggy King

Ruggieri, Dr. Mary Jo

Ryan, Terry

Schafer, Neva Trexler

Schneider, Leo

Seymour, Robert S., Ph.D.

Silva, Dr. Mary Cipriano

Sicuro, Angelo

Simone, Rev. Mark A.

Smole, William J., Ph.D.

Snowberger, Ronald

Stefansic, Amy

Stikes-Shoehalter, Gina M.

Stikes, JoAnn Poignard

Stockdale, Senator Robert E.

Sullivan, Timothy



Tappan Jr., Benjamin

Trauth, Katherine A.

Trivelli, Stan

Tsai, Dr. A. Roger

Tsai, Dr. Thomas J.

Warner, Harvey

Webb, Brent

Webb, Dr. Sally

West, Jeffrey H.

White, Dr. Wilford W.

Whittaker, James A.

Wilmington, Oscar

Wilson III, Don M.

Wilson, Gregory P.

Wilson, Helen Jane

Wise, Doris

Wolf, Sally

Woodruff, Jeffrey Allen