Library Patron Behavior


6.l Library Patron Behavior Policy

Mutual respect makes it possible for everyone to enjoy library materials and services.

Reed Memorial Library has a guiding principle for how to act in the library: each patron should be respectful of each other and behave in a manner that does not disrupt or interfere with the rights of others. The Board of Trustees has the responsibility to set policies for behavior in the public library. The goals of the policy are:

  •  Protect the rights of individuals to use the library property, materials and services;
  •  Protect the rights of staff and volunteers to perform work without interference;
  •  Preserve library materials and the library facility;
  •  Ensure the safety of all library patrons, volunteers and staff members.

The rules will be enforced uniformly and fairly. These rules are posted in the Library:

1. Any behavior which is disruptive or disrespectful of others is not allowed. Some examples of inappropriate behavior are:

Abusive or vulgar language

Physical, sexual or verbal harassment or intimidation of others. This includes such behavior using the library’s computers.

Loud talking


Using any personal listening equipment at a level that can be heard by others.

Singing along with the above players.

Preventing staff from performing their jobs.

Damaging library materials, equipment, the property or the facility.

Behavior which jeopardizes safety.

Skateboarding, rollerblading or blocking pedestrian paths with bicycles or people.

Conversations in the quiet reading room (magazine room).

Over-expressive personal affection: kissing, hugging, sitting on laps, etc.

Using a mask or other articles to obscure ones face or identity.

2. Polite, brief and quiet cell phone conversations are allowed.

3. Seating is limited to the number of persons for which the furniture was designed.

4. Selling products or services or soliciting donations is not permitted in the Library, except as part of a library sponsored program.

5. Animals, except those used to aid the disabled, are not permitted unless they are part of a library-sponsored program.

6. Use of tobacco, alcohol and/or unauthorized drugs in any form anywhere on library property (inside or outside) is not allowed. (Ohio Revised Code)

7. Weapons or look-alikes of any kind are not permitted inside the Library building, either concealed or in plain view, unless the owner of the weapon is a law enforcement officer.

(Ohio Revised Code)

8. Library attire will be appropriate for a public building, including shoes and shirts.

9. The Library reserves the right to limit the number of individuals who may gather together and impede access to any part of the facility.

10. The Library allows covered beverages in the building. No food is allowed in public areas, except as associated with programs.

11. The Library reserves the right to inspect all bags, purses, briefcases, packs, listening equipment and overcoats for library materials. Video surveillance and theft alarms are in place.


The rules are enforced by Library staff, security and police officers. The persons in charge are trained and good natured and will tolerate a wide range of behaviors. But if a person ignores the Library’s rules on good behavior, action will be taken. First, the person will be warned. If the person ignores the warning, the person will be asked to leave the library. Repeat offenders may be banned for a week, a month or more. Serious offenses will result in immediate banning and police action if necessary. Trespass charges may be filed in egregious circumstances. Persons who want to discuss these rules may appeal to the Library Director. If dissatisfied, the appeal may be sent to the Board of Trustees.

Approved 7/20/09

Revised 10/21/15; 4/26/17; 10/18/17; 10/17/18