Bicentennial Quilt

The Ravenna Bicentennial Quilt was made by the Calico Hearts Quilt Guild of Ravenna. This group was established in 1984. After the project's inception in the summer of 1998, the quilt was worked on by individual members and collectively at guild meetings.  After a committee made fabric selections, an overall design and layout was decided upon. With a lot of help from several dedicated members of the Portage County Historical Society, individual buildings were photocopied from old records. The photocopies were then turned into line drawings with consideration being given to how they would translate onto fabric. Seven quilters took home a building drawing and fabrics from those purchased, and one month later brought back a completed building interpreted in fabric, embroidery and pen work. Another member designed and embroidered the logo. The buildings were appliqued to the background. The Ohio Star blocks were put together to frame the appliqued buildings. Historical people and buildings from Ravenna's past were transferred to the centers of the Ohio Stars. The finished quilt was presented to the city after the bicentennial parade on July 31, 1999, and after framing, hangs in the library permanently. It is located in the Haymaker Room on the lower level.