Carmon DeLeone

Carmon DeLeone

Inducted - 1989

Cultural/Performing Arts

  A 1960 graduate of Ravenna High School and president of his senior class, Carmon displayed signs of being a musical prodigy early in life.  His talents led to a full scholarship at the University of Cincinnati Conservatory of Music.

  At the age of twenty, Carmon conducted a national tour for dancer, Juliet Prowse.  He is a nationally recognized composer and currently directs six orchestras in several states, i.e., Musical Director for the Cincinnati and New Orleans Ballet Companies; Musical Director for the Illinois Philharmonic in Chicago , and the Middletown, Ohio Symphony Orchestra; Conductor for the Miami University Symphony Orchestra, and the Symphony Orchestra of Knoxville, Tennessee.

  It should also be noted that Carmon DeLeone is a professor of Music at Miami University and is currently enjoying his twentieth year as Musical Director of the Cincinnati Ballet Company.